Since 1987 in Rome

Restaurant, pizzeria, steak-house, pub… “La Base” is all of this and more.
In a suggestive environment, with great music and a very original setting dedicated to stars of the international music scene of all times and a tribute to cult Italian actors and comedians through statues, busts, painting and photoportraits (something like a museum, really), with a very friendly, fast and informal service, and affordable prices, you can taste our great variety of recipes which go from appetizers to pasta entrées, from super-salads to top-choice meats from Argentina and Denmark, to roman-style pizza (thin crust), desserts, a good choice of wines, great beers, and a long list of whiskys, rums, brandys, grappa and cocktails. La Base offers all of this, every day, all year long, always open till 5 a.m. Our clientele is ever more versatile and diverse, vip’s and people from the show biz come and go and now every Monday and Thursday we have a comedy show with known and less known stand-up comedians of the roman scene.rities


INFOLINE: 06/4740659